When: 29th October 2018 until 11th November 2018 Location: Schools, Community Groups and Libraries

From 29th October Craic Theatre Company will be holding sessions about World War 1, finishing at The Word on 11th November.  We will play out three scenes of approximately 10 minutes with a Q&A session between each scene. The scenes are written to give insight into domestic life as well as the lives of serving men.  Using humour we can assure our ‘audiences’ of an engaging as well as informative session.  The facts and figures are important but the reality behind the facts and figures are fascinating.

We have been lucky enough to be given authentic letters between a son and his mother, cards sent to loved ones.  We have examined archives and websites for authentic letters to and from loved ones both ways across the channel.  This has enabled Canny Craic to produce accurate, realistic and sometimes sensitive scenes to share information.

As well as the structured sessions we will be giving talks to groups about the Post and Letters during World War 1.  The talk will last approximately 45 minutes and again give facts and figures in an entertaining and informative way.  Some sessions are still available to groups who might be interested.  If you would like us to come along contact Val on 07963493846 or Ken on 07951092115.