When: 12 October 2016 Location: Activities

Canny Craic Theatre Co are very proud to announce the dates for our public shows of The Wild Lassie.

Using a forum theatre format, we will explore Suffragists, Suffragettes and Anti-Suffrage League issues and beliefs.


The Wild Lassie – a mixture of drama and learning illustrating the struggles and triumphs of the Suffragettes and Suffragists in the North East including Emily Wilding Davison, whose family was from the Morpeth area, and who died after colliding with Amner – the Kings horse at the 1913 Epsom Derby.  She is The Wild Lassie of the title: so named by local people because of the lengths she would go to in promoting the idea of Votes for Women.  Emily returned to the family home in Longhorsley to recover her health after her many prison terms, hunger strikes and force feeding sessions.

We will explore the differences and similarities in Suffragist and Suffragette ethos and introduce Anti Suffrage philosophy to our audiences.

Following each short scene the actors in role with answer questions from the audience.  This is a free show to anyone who would like to come along and join our Public Meeting at:


Cleadon Park Library, South Shields on 12th October at 10.00 am with a possible second performance at 11.00 am.

Sunderland City Library on 19th October at 3.00 pm